Six-shaft Automatic Aluminum Foil /
Cling Film Rewinder Automatic Rewinding &
Shrink Film Packaging Machine (AH-6S + TPG50)



TRU-BRITE Hot melt glue TRU-BRITE labelling system TRU-BRITE Hot-air system
NORDOSN Hot melt labelling system Hot-air system


AH-6S connected to TPG 50, the fully automatic production line, fully automatic operation system.
Use a conveyor to combine two models for manufacture.
Machine will automatically rewind material after input paper core.
When the roll is finished and unloaded, it is carried to the packing area for automatic packing process.
If the packing function is not used temporarily, TPG50 can be switched to delivery mode.
Or use the conveyor which connects 2 machines to unload products from the side.
This production line achieves automated manufacture.
It saves time and manpower of moving materials and rolls from machine to machine.
TRU-BRUTE Machinery always provides the beneficial collocation of machine for you.
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Model AH-6S(250-450) AH-6S(300-500)
Raw Material Aluminum foil / PE.PVC food wrapping film
(On the basis of foil roll’s length within 10 meters)
Mother roll core inner diameter (I.D.) 3” (76 mm)/6"(152mm)
Max mother roll diameter 700mm
Mother roll available width 250 - 450 mm 300 - 500 mm
Material thickness 9 - 20 micron
Length of the finished rolls 3 - 250 Meter
Max finished roll's diameter 80 mm
Finished paper core Length 255 - 470 mm 305 - 520 mm
Max finished roll's paper core diameter 50mm
Finished paper cores inner diameter (I.D.) 25 - 38 mm
Pressure of compressed air system 8±2atm
power supply AC220/380/415/440V,50Hz/60Hz,3PH
Max power consumption 7.0 KW(no glue) 11kw(glue)
Dimensions L x Wx H 2450 x 2100 x 2000 mm
Net weight 2100 kg

Type of film Shrink film
Shrink film inner core diameter 3” (76mm)
Shrink film width 305 - 505 mm
Shrink film thickness 20 micron
Shrink film outer diameter 300 mm
Outer wrapping film length 170 - 185 mm
Semi-finished product outer diameter 30 - 45 mm
Semi-finished product width 300 - 470 mm (Max.)
Mechanical productivity 20 rolls/min. (Max.)
Installed power 7 KW
Power supply 220V, 50Hz, 3ph
Dimensions L x W x H 2800 x 1950 x 1800 mm
Net weight 2500 kg